The truth about public relations

TRX-New Release for Media
In working with all media including national radio networks; television studios and digital feeds, The Truth Experience will be sending press releases; produced interviews and syndicated programs directly to over 2000 stations as a feed service from participating public relations firms nationwide. The service will include press releases; produced radio interviews; resource links, video and trailers as well as radio and television spots and public service announcements to over 8000 media outlets in digital; print; audio/radio; video/film. 
Media Contacts 
“We have decided to go this route and through FTP, Word Press and through Sound Cloud to best meet the needs of our Public Relations Partners and to also to build referral networks and guides to serve regional ministry; counseling; resources and services while helping to bridge the gap for local markets and national campaigns,” Richard Beattie, the Chief Content Officer for The Truth told affiliates this morning.
Production Alliance-and Affiliate Contributors
“I made a tactical error in asking our earned media outlets to subscribe to our content feeds and so we did a study. While media outlets are users of The Truth Content; they are not willing to pay for the content. On the other hand,” Beattie continues, “Publicists will pay  a nominal fee for interviews with their authors; publishers; musicians and people they represent and then have their press releases; interviews; on-line resources; video and resources, created and produced by a reputable; award winning source, and then have it distributed to thousands of media outlets every week.” Rates $56 a month for unlimited press releases; 4 interviews a month; and video posting for members or $56 per interview for non-members. Call Richard Beattie for more information and how to get started at 719.393.2657 or e-mail 
The Truth Correspondent Network
The Truth Network also announced a call to an elite group of affiliate correspondents who can contribute in markets with mobile and brick and mortar studios to interview and contribute stories; be represented in the Truth Media Guide online and will become members of The Truth Correspondent Network. Membership includes access to discount travel; job assignments; marketing and access to bidding for jobs regionally and nationally. The Truth is also networking with auditioned writers; voice talent and music and SFX Library services as well as digital publishing and pod casters. For an application please call Richard Beattie at 719.393.2657 or e-mail Membership starts at $30 a month. To find out about our syndicated programs please go to 

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